• LOA 10m (33 ft)
  • LWL 6.6m (21.5 ft)
  • Beam 2.1m (6.9 ft)
  • Draft 1.6m (5.4 ft)

Enigma Is an International One Design racing sloop built by Tern using traditional wooden boat construction techniques. The International One Design (IOD) is a class of sailboat designed by Bjarne Aas of Norway in 1934 for yacht “match” racing. The IOD’s were built exclusively out of wood until the late 1960’s when the use of fibreglass in their construction overcame the more labor intensive traditional techniques. With this switch to cheaper methods the boats became quicker and more affordable to build, however some feel that these changes affected the class and beauty of this classic design. In 2009 Tern was commissioned to recreate an original wooden version that would remain competitive with todays fibreglass yachts. Working closely with the International IOD Association to ensure the accuracy of the build, Tern succeeded in recreating both the original hull and super structures in wood as well as the original hardware and castings in bronze.